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6 Masters Programmes in Foresight and Strategic Planning

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

Foresight and Strategic Planning are key to anticipatory governance. Read more to find out masters programmes in foresight and planning.

Future studies and Strategic planning aim to serve private and public decision-makers by outlining strategies in this dynamic world that are swamped with several challenges. As an academic field of research, Futures Studies generates knowledge of the ways and processes of how individuals and organisations deal with the uncertain future. Strategic Planning frames a plan to realise goals sustainably.

Anticipatory governance utilises the processes and systems formulated with foresight and strategic planning to develop efficient methods to address challenges which are in their inception stage. This minimises the risks and even helps in preventing them altogether. Education and training in foresight aids the practice of anticipatory governance along with its other pillars: indicators, built systems and networks, big data, variation, diversity, stakeholders and ethics.

Here are several Master's Programme to set you on the path for a career in foresight and strategic planning:

  1. Master's Programme In Strategic Leadership Towards Sustainability

This one year master's programme undertakes strategic sustainable development and leadership in complexity. The programme aims to create leaders who can support a transition to global sustainability by creating and implementing economically beneficial development of products, systems, organisations and societies. Moreover, it deals with the complexities that transition in a system poses.

  1. Masters Of Science In Foresight

The Foresight Graduate Programme is apt for futurist professionals who want to build a career in Strategy Building and Implementation and emphasise systemic and transformational change. The programme equips students with quantitative and qualitative tools that help with public and private sector careers.

  1. Master Of Design In Strategic Foresight And Innovation

This programme aims to inculcate design-thinking skills to further develop expertise in foresight (for instance: recognise future problems) and use research methodologies to create innovative and future-enhancing solutions. The programme is best suited for professionals within public policy innovations, business strategy and sustainable development.

  1. Master of Science in Transforming Mobility: Business Models & Vehicles for the Future

This MSc programme addresses today's mobility challenges: combating urban congestion and improving air quality, protecting people's health and natural resources, offering mobility solutions in peri-urban or low-density areas, finding sustainable economic models for old and new economic players.

Career Prospects: Product/Service Manager, Sustainable Mobility Manager, Project Manager, Fleet Manager, Mobility Experiences & Innovation Manager, Energy Mobility Business Developer, Sustainable Mobility Programs Coordinator, Transformation Facilitator and Sustainable Mobility Consultant.

  1. Master of Science in Strategy & Design for the Anthropocene

Beyond the design of a new product, a new service, or a new business model, design today needs to tackle the issue of strategic anticipation that is impacting all socio-economic activities within the Anthropocene. This programme responds to intense societal demands from organisations and the academic world from students and scholars alike.

Career Prospects: Ecological transition design manager, CSR manager, Ecological transition consultant, Territorial development manager, Prospective manager, Sustainable development manager.

  1. Master's Degree Programme in Futures Studies

The programme equips the students with adequate tools - qualitative and quantitative to serve private and public decision-makers by outlining alternative and sustainable long-term strategies in a changing world. It is an interdisciplinary field that drives away from traditional means to adapt to this dynamic environment.

Career Prospects: strategic planning executive, consultant, researcher, futures analyst, business development manager, and development and planning officer in public administration.



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