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Theory of Change Review: A Report Commissioned by Comic Relief

Cathy James


Foundational text

Comic Relief does three things. It raises much needed cash, it then allocates that cash to projects
here at home and in the poorest countries in the world, and it raises awareness of the issues it
feels strongly about.
This report is one of a series of Comic Relief commissioned learning reports. Some learning
reports aim to bring the impact of and learning from some of the work Comic Relief has funded in
helping change lives to a wider audience. Other reports aim to draw together learning on key
issues from a range of stakeholders to inform Comic Relief’s thinking and promote debate in the
This report aims to draw together Comic Relief staff and partners’ experiences in using theory of
change; to identify others in development that are using theory of change and analyse their
different approaches and experience; and to capture learning from everyone to promote debate,
and to help inform what agencies using or advocating for the use of theory of change do next.
This report was commissioned by Comic Relief and written by Cathy James, an independent
consultant. The views expressed in this report are those of the author and do not necessarily
represent the views of Comic Relief.

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